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School Plan


(What we want)


(What we will do)

1. By June 2021, there will be an increase in the percentage of students feeling a strong sense of safety and belonging.
  • Train conflict managers from Grade 5-8 to help out on the K-4 playground.
  • Further Promote understanding of Mental Health issues.
  • Continue to support a Healthy Living Group to focus on student concerns and cultural awareness.
  • Follow MVSD Emergency Preparedness Protocols and run practice drills.
  • Provide more supervision by staff during recess.

2. By June 2021, there will be an increase in the percentage of students who demonstrate proficiency in doing math problems and an increase in writing skills.

  • Timetable to allow Grade 9 student to take 10T Math and 10F Math as well as 10F ELA and Reading is Thinking.
  • Provide time for Grade 1-4 students to work on math problems and to improve on writing skills.
  • Students will participate in the Caribou Math Contests.

3. By the end of June 2021, students will have greater knowledge of available career opportunities for them.

  • Promote career information to younger students.
  • Provide opportunities to prepare Grade 8 students for High School and future careers.
  • Provide Middle Years and Senior Years students with career information and tours.
  • Provide information to students and parents about student loans.
  • Prepare students for the interview process.